Electric Love

Starting to sense a trend here…this time 8.5 months late. I have got to get better about writing. And reading. And yoga. But enough of the self-shame…let’s take a look at what 2015 brought.

2015….probably one of the biggest years of my life and unfortunately, it’s hard for me to remember much! ha! Probably because so many amazing things happened. Similiar to 2014, 2015 was yet another year of self-establishment and settling with satisfaction. The things I wanted to work,  I did somewhat (being more patient and kind) and my insecurity has slowly started to take one small hit at a time. I’m getting there. I don’t know how or where it happened, but i fully trust Kyle 1000%. I finally was able to turn off that damn amygdala and look at the heart in front of me. The heart that beats with mine. Not to say I have overcome my jealousy and insecurity 100%, no way no how! But I’ve made progress. Could I have worked harder at it? Of course. Something that will always be a goal of mine. That and self-confidence. Teaching Zumba in 2015 absolutely helped with that – getting up in front of a room of sometimes 30+ people and leading them in rhythmic therapy – nothing quite like it. When people would come up to me after class and say they joined the gym because of me. Or that they have been searching for some type of workout to tak enaother step toward their health. Their smiles. Their acceptance of me. Can’t beat it.

I also really developed in my career and started kicking it into badass mode. My boss was out on maternity leave and I was left managing the team solo, with a new hire who turned out to be quite the challenge. Opposite of my insecurity, I felt pretty damn good about myself during that period – I even won employee of the month. Had some struggles with coworkers, executives, etc. but I stuck to my guns and really grew as a marketer in this digital world. This year, I even am pushing myself to get a raise and a promotion. We shall see.

Some things i want to work on for 2016 -my relationship with God. I have really started to become one of those people who cant’ priortize the most important thing in life – and the reason they are able to turn oxygen into life. Kyle and I have been praying more and I must say – it’s quite powerful to do together. I need to go to church more. Bottom line.

Other self-improvement goals — same as every year — read more, do more yoga, write more, and learn to love myself more. Outside of that, I really want to learn to be more patient and kind with my relationships, especially with my favorite one, the one with my future husband. He is so good to me and I want always work on our relationshp and be less selfish in our jourey.

So yup – as this post eluded to – this was quite the year. Kyle made me the happiest girl alive when he propoed to me at Shawnee Mission Dog Park on my birthday after work. He had stopped by in the morning to wish me a happy brithday with flowers and a set of knives…can’t lie, I was disappointed because i wanted him to ask me what i knew i wanted more than anything.

The day went on and went well, then Kyle said we should go to one of my favorite places on earth, the Dog Park! He showed up at my apartment with our two furry friends in tow and we headed to the park. He acted super quiet and stayed weary of the water when Mumford went balls to the wall crazy in it. Then we sat on this bench close to this gigantic and gorgoues tree. I was laughing at Mumford and turned around to Kyle holding a ring I had my eye on and looking at me in anticipation. I waited for him to say something and he did the same. Turns out – he had asked me I hadn’t heard it 🙂 of course. So I said yes to the man of my dreams. We went and got a Sheridan’s pie and celebreated with our friends Michelle and Alex.

Other highlights from 2015:

*Zumba Jamz with Michelle
*Death Cab for Cutie concert with Kyle
*Holly’s 30th birthday party (surprise!)
*Holly’s baby shower (welcome miss violet)
*Omaha Zoo trip with Kyle for his birthday – full of fun. Stayed at the beautiful Magnolia Hotel, watched the NC game, explored the River Market, went into an awesome native american shopping store, visited the art museum full of native american glory, ate at a delish bar, went and got sushi for the bday boy, etc. SO. MUCH. FUN. And our first big road trip together. Can’t even being to write how proud of Kyle I am and his strength to overcome one of the biggest anxieties of his life.
*Megan Glynn’s bachelorette dinner
*Kickball! What a fun group and we got third in our league . They called me Eric Hosmer 😉
*All the grillouts and hangouts with Darcy and John Weaver with their absolutely adorable kiddos Maddie and Landon.
*WATCHING THE ROYALS WIN THE WORLD SERIES WITH KYLE AND THEM! Driving to Academy at midnight with Kyle to buy Royals World Series CHAMPS gear. PEREZ FOR PREZ!
*Losing my Forrest. This. Was. So. Ruff. I didn’t handle it well and it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about his happy face on our long walks. He will forever be in my heart. I love you big guy. So glad I had Kyle to help support me doing this time.
*Visiting the city of NOLA with my boo! This is probably my favorite trip we’ve taken together. 13 hours of driving, so worth it! We had a blast exploring the swamp city – going on a ghost/vampire tour with a hurricane in hand, spending time at the world famous world war II museum, eating a po’ boy which turned kyle into a po’ boy, the smell of magnolia trees thick in the night sky with the crecesent moon, visiting the plantation on the mississippi river with grand oaks that looked straight out of Gone with the Wind. Laughing at Kyle running through the rain toward the house while I sipped a Mint Julep, taking a tour through the mansion that had the only basement in the city. Since it was just Kyle and I and they were getting ready to close, we got to get a private peek at it! Exploring Magazine street and listening to live Jazz. Nola you are a beauty.
*The Foo Fighters concert with my brother.
*Going to visit Matt & Cassie in Norton.
*K-State football games all season
*Being with my mom while she had heart surgery. I am forever grateful and can’t thank God enough for keeping this angel in my life and helping her recover. She is so strong considering every health issue she has experienced in the past year.
*Exploring 39th street places to eat with Dad – Aladin’s Cafe, Fric and Frac, miami ice, etc.
*Attending the Treads & Threads fundraiser at the Kansas Speedway. Getting dressed up and stuffing our faces and having a blast with  my boo!
*Attending the classic tournament at the Sprint Center to see North Carolina and K-State play!

Overall, it was a year I have never felt more blessed. I thank God for this. I thank Kyle and my family and my awesome friends for support. I love my life and I can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings!




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